Summer Showers 2015 Artist List

by mbtea

Here are the artists participating in the 2015 Art Book!
Important dates and the new donation page will be up shortly.

I’m still finalizing the 2014 book, I finally have a for sure date though.
Learned a lot this time around ahaha, the 2015 book will be on time without fail = v =

But ignore my faults, this is for all of the artists participating ; v ;
I hope you will lend your support to them in the future!

Ahniki, chuwenjie, rainue, MyOneHen, Pinlin, Woestijn, Srinitybeast, aionlights, rhymebox, M10N, kerravi, noizi, oOKuriKuriOo, A1SU, mjoyart, AmaiCandy, mano-k, artigirl, NotARuffian, shuuheei, AkiaWalker

Will Philip charms be restocked sometime soon-ish?

Just recieved a restock and I should have them up at the end of the week in addition to the new philip design ; v ;

wah!! the elliot keychain got ran over a car T__T;; currently in shambles..but it was absolutely beautiful while it lasted;;; :D

How………??? lol

Shops open again!

Happy to announce the store is open again and will have some new merchandise added in the near future!

Please feel free to visit it by going here:

Thanks for your support.

- Whispy

MBTea Closed For a Month

Hi guys! Just thought I’d let everyone know I’ve shut down my shop for a month. I cant keep up with the current orders and restock for Anime Expo. I am also missing a lot of stuff as I am in the midst of moving.

Therefore to keep my sanity and to prevent any more people from waiting a thousand years as I slowly dig through my boxes for things I’m missing… the online shop is temporarily closed.

Thank you for understanding!
- Whispy

Here is a cute photo of our Bella~ sleeping on the train during our adventures


Fanime…Whispy ended up with FIFTEEN watermelons in total…


She was then known as “The table with the watermelons”

One was even signed by all the artist in the alley!? 


We became best friends with the staff at jack in the box

I only post the most attractive photos.

- Whispy