MBTea will be closed for a week for renovation! Getting a new look and some functionality tweaks that will hopefully make your experience more enjoyable!

Thank you for your support!

Will you by any chance be making a Sousuke charm from Free! ? :o

I might be dropping most of my fan art designs so probably not :(

There will be some new merchandise added in the very near future however!

I was wondering if the artbooks have been shipped out yet?

They ship out today. We’ve been busy getting hem together = v =

No more preorders…………

Just out of curiosity, since your retiring most of the older charms, will you be retiring the Hatter, Ryu, and Lulu since they came out a little later?

Yes! They too will be retired and replaced, most likely with newer versions~


So many art books…

Friends and I are busy packing them! Trying to get them out ASAP

Guess what finally came in!

They look great :D


Available Here: http://shop.mbtea.us/
I over ordered this last convention season and I have to much inventory of my older charm designs that I plan on retiring at the end of this year!

Therefore I’m hosting a sale where charms are only $8 instead of $12 USD. This is the lowest they have ever been on sale for both online and at conventions. The catch is that they will not come with the additional teacup charm shown in the images. Just the character charm!

This sale will go on into September!

2014 Preordered Art Book Shipment Information

by whispwill

Here’s the newest update and the reason why i didn’t get the art books in on Wednesday: http://sta.sh/021tjeyqu0io

I have the worst luck on the planet… Now to wait for the books.


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