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Hey guys, Leana here to show off these cutie little sculptures I’ve gotten addicted to creating~ Since they recently have gone on sale not too long ago, I wanted to share it with you guys! And yes, that IS little baby Toothless~

Please take a gander: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheTrinketsCorner


Convention season is coming, which means I need to get rid of some of my extra inventory so I can restock entirely for Anime Central and Fanime. I have too many charms to buy new ones… but not enough to sell at the two conventions… keeping inventory is a tricky thing… Therefore! Spring Cleaning sale!

20% off your entire purchase of any of my merchandise!

Simply use this coupon code at check out: VERYSALE

Feel free to shop for stuff here:

. I cant just apply the sale to everything, as that would be to easy… and we might not have coded in that function yet *coughs*

Also to encourage further sales, Free shipping is also available for purchases over $50. This applies to both domestic and international customers!

What I have for sale:

Yep, that is all… but seriously…. new charms and prints next month, but no free shipping and not aasss good as a sale.

your website is seriously glitchy, cant check out at all and tried three times. might want to get that fixed, you lost a sale here.

Thank you for notifying me, however I seems to be working fine for me and a friend of mine. Do you have specifics of what kind of “glitch” is occurring so that I may look into it?

Iwatobi Swim Club Charms can now be bought in a set!

You can purchase them by going to the following (while supplies last!): http://melonberrytea.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=154

Merchandise Announcement 2014-2015

A lot of you have been curious on if or when the second round of character charms would be announced! Or when the new merchandise items would be making their debut! Now is the time, new charms and stickers/bookmarks/small bags will be released through 2014-2015!

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How do you chose what manufacturer to order from for things like prints/charms/stickers/etc? I know buttons can be made at home from a button press, but I'm just now getting into the world of selling online merch through myself instead of a site like society6, and everything is very overwhelming x-x

Prints/stickers/buttons (the print of them) I get through my friend lol. He works for his uncle at a print shop they own so I get discounts and friend bonuses. That doesn’t help you out though xD

I suggest fedex kinkos or staples printing if you don’t know of any local print shops. But to be honest, get to know your local print shops. Eventually you’ll get to know them very well and you’ll get a lot of perks along with it. That and small print shops generally have a higher quality and you can ask for more.

But if desperate, staples or kinkos.

I'm trying to make my own site for my art (and possibly a store in the future). What website host do you recommend for my own site? And do you have any tips on how to set up and organize an online shop? ^w^ (I wanna sell prints and stickers and stationary, etc.)

The best web hosts will be for programmers but if you don’t know how to use FTP and create all of your programs and layouts yourself, I do not recommend them. If you know nothing of coding I strongly recommend store envy or etsy. Yes they do cost a bit of money/take some profit but appearance is everything and if you can’t make a site that looks professional on your own, use a third party host. Plus those sites also promote your products for you and make receiving orders very simple and easy to manage.

If using etsy, avoid fanart as you can get in some trouble.

Store envy is great in that you can pretty much sell what ever but I have no experience with it and can’t really help much, sorry!

How is it owning your own art business so to speak? How do you handle your income, your online shop, or sort your taxes? This is also what I want to do for a job/career, and I'd really appreciate the advice!

Well for starters, you have to learn how to keep a purchase log. Literally everything you buy you write down and keep track of your expenses. You also buy another book, this ones for sales/profit. The goal is to end up with more money in the sales book than in the expense book lol

You could manage all of that in excel or an application on your phone, just I like doing it old school as it lets me play with my expensive writing pens!! (i love pens…)

As for the online shop I have a sellers permit. I will be applying for my business license at the end of this year to make it official… also means I’ll be paying $800 a year to have said license but then I can use tax write offs!

Taxes are also paid on a quarterly basis for me so I’m not yet sure how to pay real business taxes. Every so many months I have to report how much I made and pay state and federal taxes. Is fun… no, I lied. I also don’t get to write anything off so that money goes bye bye.

But you have to pay them or you get in trouble!

It’s a lot of work but don’t give up! I wish you luck :D

I was wondering, do you make/print all of your buttons/charms/stickers/prints yourself? Since you run your shop from your own site instead of somewhere like redbubble. And if you do, do you have any advice and how do you do it? I've been wanting to make my own site for charms/stickers/prints/etc for awhile, but I don't know how to start.

I do! I suggest starting very small as it can be very expensive. Start with prints, just locate a print shop some where near you and ask them for 11 x 17 posters. Some have 12 x 18 available - I generally like to work on 12 x 18’s as you can always make them smaller but hardly ever can you make them larger.

After you do well with prints I suggest investing in a button press, they can be pricey and a ton of work but if done right it will pay for itself.

It’s a lot of work, but just start slowly. I certainly didn’t do everything over night, it took me 5 years :3