Just out of curiosity, since your retiring most of the older charms, will you be retiring the Hatter, Ryu, and Lulu since they came out a little later?

Yes! They too will be retired and replaced, most likely with newer versions~


So many art books…

Friends and I are busy packing them! Trying to get them out ASAP

Guess what finally came in!

They look great :D


Available Here:
I over ordered this last convention season and I have to much inventory of my older charm designs that I plan on retiring at the end of this year!

Therefore I’m hosting a sale where charms are only $8 instead of $12 USD. This is the lowest they have ever been on sale for both online and at conventions. The catch is that they will not come with the additional teacup charm shown in the images. Just the character charm!

This sale will go on into September!

2014 Preordered Art Book Shipment Information

by whispwill

Here’s the newest update and the reason why i didn’t get the art books in on Wednesday:

I have the worst luck on the planet… Now to wait for the books.


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SS 2015 || Help || No Art Cards or Price Increase

(( I bolded stuff for skim reading, there’s a lot ))

As some of you know, I had the worlds largest headache with the book publishers with the 2014 art book… it was a learning experience… but that cost me as I tried to have the next company rush it (( which I was suppose to receive today but low and behold they haven’t even shipped yet…the amount of done I am done is done… this is the reason why the 2015 books will not have preorders )) so I did pay more out of pocket than I had wanted to.

However, not the point. I have been in the middle of the most ridiculous move and conventions and I had no actually taken the time to do some serious number crunching and I came to the conclusion that the Clear Plastic Art Cards are a very large money pit. The art cards themselves cost close to the production of the books which at the time didn’t seem like an issue however even after the preorder sales I am still at a loss for $550. I never expected to make a profit out of the books but I also don’t want to endanger my lively hood.

That is a lot to me right now as I am putting down $3000 of a new place and I have to buy furniture, and a new computer, and being an adult sucks.

This means however that three scenarios could be met:

  1. No Clear Plastic Art Card Book marks. Find an alternative such as 2 inch buttons - far more affordable and I planned on buying the machinery for it anyway.
  2. Keep the Art Cards and increase the price of the Limited Edition books even more. I tried to keep them as affordable as I could however I might have the raise the price buy $5 or $10 just to cover production costs.
  3. I open up donations for the funding of the art book itself (( this option I don’t really want as I fear people would donate to the book instead of the artists, and donating to the book means the artists never see that money only I do and well that defeats the entire point but… ))

This project has hopefully helped the artists out, at least a few of the artists from the last book told me as much. I would love to be able to keep sponsoring it in the future as it’s a very fun project and I do love helping other artists who aren’t quite so business savvy insane as I am. However I also need to cover production costs.

I could really use some second opinions and maybe some creative alternatives to the art cards.

Also does anyone know of good book printing companies. I so far have had the worlds worst luck.
I have the packing and postage all ready to go.
Just no books.

So after reading this monster of a journal, what are peoples opinions on the matter?

I was wonder have you shipped the artbooks yet?

Not yet, I had a serious issue with the first publisher I tried using and had to switch to another at the last minute delaying everything by a month. I should be getting the books in this week and posting pictures of them here for people to view :D

I will be mailing them out as soon as I get them in!

The item descriptions for the charms say that the color of the teacup and the 6 in hand strap can be picked, but where are the colors listed? Do we pick the color in the check out process? o:

The sale does not include the teacups, but I am away on vacation and have not yet formally announced the sale.

If you want teacups with your charms you’re going to need to wait until the sale is over or send an email to for a custom invoice at full price ; v ; ~

CONTEST || Full Page Feature in 2015 art book!

How long will the sale last?

Shhhh I haven’t announced it yet, I’m on vacation and I can’t fill orders. There is no sale *shifty eyes*